Tattoo film

Item No.: Tattoo film

At 20cm x 10m and 25cm x 10m long, the FTY Derm roll is a great option for artists and clients alike and is ideal for long pieces. 

FTY Derm is a thin, transparent adhesive bandage that ensures the body heals itself in the most efficient way possible.  The healing agents produced by the body are far superior to any lotion or ointment, but most of these enzymes are lost to evaporation.  FTY Derm preserves and locks in these natural healing enzymes and, in turn, provides an optimal healing experience.

Not only does FYT Derm accelerate healing, but colours heal brighter and blacks heal blacker.  When used properly, FYT Derm will eliminate scabbing and reduce scarring, both of which can lead to distortion and loss of color. FYT Derm ensures your art stays bright and true…and so does your reputation.  Keep it clean.  Keep it simple.